Terms and conditions

For all 3 organic terrace garden packages :

  1. It is not mandatory that we will provide all plants mentioned in packages,sometimes some plants may not be there,so we are not responsible in that situations,customers has to agree to it.
  2. we will not give 100% assurance of quality of plants,because of weather condition or any other reason plants may damage,we are not responsible for that.
  3. It is not mandatory that we will visit once in every 15 days until the completion of 1 crop cycle.sometimes we can not attend.But 2-3 times of visiting is compulsary and we will do it.
  4. while we are running this service,and if we face loss,at anytime we can shut down the service to stop our loss,in such a case we are not responsible for any thing that happens.
  5. please buy the service only if you agree to our terms and conditions,and we are not responsible for any kind of matter that happens in between